Monday, November 5, 2012

Great Learning

We love learning all sorts of new things in Room 2. This is just a few things we have done this term.

Be safe at Guy Fawkes

It was a great idea of the bigger students to share their firework safety presentations with us. Everyone liked sharing their learning and felt safer about sharing what they have learnt with their families when doing fireworks. Mrs Millward also let us read a story online. You can read the story here.:

Guy Fawkes

The senior students came to help us learn to be safe when watching fireworks on Guy Fawkes. Thank you for helping us Teinera.

Firework Safety with Candice

Candice came to our class to help us learn about being safe at Guy Fawkes. It was fun having her share and help us. I hope she comes again.

Birthday Cupcakes.

We enjoyed making cupcakes. It was fun following the recipe and the best part was eating the cupcakes afterwards!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Liam's Narrative

I like going on the computer and ipad. It is fun making up stories.

Mele's Narrative

It was fun learning to write a story we had to make up. I love stories about princesses.

Alaree'os Narrative

I wrote a story on the computer. I had to choose my characters and where the story is going to happen. Mele and I read the story afterwards.I like writing my own stories.

Taniwha, Taniwha

Nazanin's ballerina

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Talk to learn with Mrs Kelly

Today for this lesson Jacob, Mele, and Joseph made fruit salad. They are learning about healthy eating. Each of them got to cut the fruit into halves or quarters to share between four. Yummy!

Our Maori whale song

We are learning all about long and big. Whae Raewyn taught us this cool whale song. Our class loves this song!

Math - sink or float

In math we had water play and we were learning about what objects float and what objects sink. Light objects float and heavy objects sink. We had to write down the first phoneme for the object that sank and the object that floated. It was fun!