Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I am Heavenly. I am new to Panmure Bridge School. My cousins are at this school. They are Fui and Fau.


Anthony said...

Hi Heavenly,
awesome name. Great to see
you coming to our school
hope you like it here.
I like how you included who's
related to you in this school.

Keep the awesome work up!

Jharda'e said...

Hi Heavenly,
you have got a really nice name. I hope you like it at Panmure Bridge I think your going to have a lot if fun.

Keep up the amazing work. :)

Abdurrahman said...

Hi Heavenly,
You have got a very nice name. I hope you like it here. Panmure Bridge School is a great place to learn and have fun.

Have a good time.

Asmah said...

Hi Heavenly,

I think you have a nice name.
Welcome to Panmure Bridge School.

Joy and Asmah