Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Holly's Holiday plans

Holly by joyp on GoAnimate
These holidays Holly is going to Youth Town. She will be having an ice cream day.


Saruja said...

Hi Holly
I really like your video. I think you enjoy your holiday at the beach by eating Ice cream.
Keep up the great work.

Tatiana said...

Hi Holly you have a good voice in that and i think you are very very smart to think of that and do that and i hope you have fun and youth town and have a nice and yummy ice cream your making me hungry now but good job...

Yours faithfully,

Tatiana Taufa Room6

irys said...

Hi Holly
You have a great voice It looks like you had enjoy your holiday

From Irys

Zahra said...

Hi Holly
I really like your video and hope you have fun at youth town.

Zahra said...
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Akansha said...

Hi Holly
I like your voice in the video.
I think you are very smart and nice.I wish you have a lovely holiday at youth town and have fun.